“I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to McSence Community Webpage. As Chairman of the Board of Directors i am proud to have been given the honour to be elected Chairman. I have been actively involved in my local Community for over 25 years now doing different things to help the community be a better place to live in and have enjoyed every minute of it meeting a lot of same minded people who only want to do good for their community. McSence plays an important part in supporting our community and I intend to make sure that this good work continues”

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Information about McSence Community

The McSence Group is an award winning Social Enterprise which is owned by the Community in which it is based and is governed by an unpaid board of volunteer Directors.  All profits made by the group are either invested in new business ventures or returned to the community in the form of grants to voluntary bodies or individuals in need. Our Community web page provides information and current news on all of our ventures in supporting communities.

If you have any inquiries or would like more infomation on McSence Community please email Robert Hogg:  mail@mcsence.co.uk